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DMAW offers many opportunities to enhance your professional development through DMAW educational programs, networking events, job opportunities and much more.

DMAW Memberships are for 12 months from your join date.

All members, whether individual or corporate, enjoy these benefits:

▪ DMAW’s award-winning newsletter Marketing AdVents

▪ Complimentary listing in the DMAW Sourcebook - the essential marketing directory

▪ Member-only discounts on all educational and networking events hosted or co-hosted by DMAW

▪ Access to members-only portions of the DMAW website, 

▪ Discounted rates to place industry job listings.

▪ Member discounts on MAXI Award entries

▪ Member discount to the Annual Bridge to Integrated Marketing & Fundraising Conference

▪ FREE educational webinars

▪ FREE member Happy Hours

▪ Social networking opportunities including discussions on our LinkedIn page, or being a contributor to the DMAW blog, Twitter or Facebook

▪ Weekly email of listing of career opportunities.

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Individual Membership for Individuals, Consultants or Sole Practitioners.

2-Year Discounted Membership 

Available to all members of nonprofit organizations.

2-Year Discounted Membership 

Individual Membership for Individuals, Consultants or Sole Practitioners.

Professionals who are employed by nonprofit organizations

Any Professor, Teacher, Fellow or University Teacher/Lecturer who teaches in the Direct Marketing/Fundraising sector.

Semi or fully retired and at least 62 years of age.

Any new young professional new to the Direct Marketing/Fundraising sector under the age of 35

Must be currently enrolled full time in college or university (Ability to supply proof upon request).

Lifetime Member

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